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 As graduates of the Royal Jubilee Hospital School of Nursing, we each share in over a hundred year history of the School. A rich history that began with the first graduation class of 1892 and continued on until the final grad class of 1983. Ninety years of service and of change in the School, the Hospital, and in the community of Victoria at large.

Our website has been designed to be not only a means of celebrating a proud past, but also as a practical resource as we deal with the challenges of the present. It promises to be a passport to nostalgia with its online archival photos and documents. It also serves as a valuable resource for information about Alumnae programmes and current plus upcoming events. In addition, our site will offer a 21st Century solution that will help reunite our members – no matter where in the world they may be.

Keeping with the Alumnae Association mandate, this site exists to create and promote a common fellowship and to advance in every way the interests of all graduates of the Royal Jubilee Hospital School of Nursing.