Pemberton Memorial Chapel Garden

The Pemberton Chapel Garden is nestled between the south side of the Chapel and the Royal Jubilee Hospital. It unites two heritage buildings, the Pemberton Memorial Chapel and the Pemberton Operating Room, and merges with the Dr I. Nitobe Memorial Garden on the north side of the Chapel. The garden is semi-formal in design to complement the historic Chapel, and provides a peaceful sanctuary for patients and their families, staff and visitors.

Two heritage buildings joined by our garden

Two heritage buildings joined by our garden

Thanks to generous donations received from the community, the piles of rock and construction material left after the Chapel restoration were removed from the site and construction of the Pemberton Chapel Garden started in the spring of 2006. The foundations of the garden were skillfully completed by a landscape contractor. Pathways allow easy access to the garden for persons using walking aids or wheelchairs.

Garden Opening

Trees and shrubs were planted according to the architect’s plans and volunteers planted over 1000 donated perennials in the spring. On a gorgeous summer day, July 24, 2007, the beautiful garden was officially opened in a ceremony attended by many of the donors, volunteers and VIHA staff.

Plantings reflect the present concern for water conservation in Victoria and thus are low maintenance and drought tolerant.  The majority of the plants, trees, and shrubs were generously donated by nurseries in Saanich and the Saanich Peninsula.  Heathers and rhododendrons were donated by the Vancouver Island Heather and Victoria Rhododendron Societies. Families and friends, in memory of their loved ones, have donated benches.

Garden Features

The highlight of our garden includes an arbour, a water fountain, and a donor recognition feature.

This Chapel garden created by our Alumnae Association will blend with the Pemberton Operating Room Garden, to be created by the Victoria Medical Society and with the Dr Inazo Nitobe Memorial Garden, created by the Victoria Morioka Society. Fundraising and Volunteer maintenance for each of the three gardens is separate and distinct but when complete, the three areas will be known collectively as “The Royal Jubilee Heritage Park” and will be a unified garden sanctuary.

A Meeting of Past and Present

The Alumnae Garden committee is very grateful for the many contributions such as; plantings, funds, gifts in kind, time and labour given by our donors, Alumnae members and volunteers, all of which made this Garden come alive.   

The Alumnae appreciates your continuing interest in our work of restoring and maintaining this unique heritage site.  A volunteer gardening group meets every two to four weeks (depending on the season) to attend to the requirements of the garden such as planting, weeding and general maintenance.  They are all under Island Health Volunteer Services and are guided by a volunteer horticulturist in collaboration with the Manger of Operations for the RJH site.

We hope you agree that our efforts have been worthwhile and that you have been able to experience the tranquility of our Garden.