Board Of Directors

Board of Directors

On July 7, 2017 the Association was incorporated under the BC Societies Act.    The executive elected at the annual general meeting (AGM) in April 2017 became the first Board of Directors of the Association. A slate of Directors will be nominated and elected by the membership at each annual AGM.

Elected for 2018- 2019

President: Diane Clements (Jan ‘73)    Past President:  Alice Sims (Jan ‘71)

Secretary:  Jan Elliott (Jan’70)               Treasurer:  Margaret Brown (Jan’74)

Directors at Large

         Carol von Hagen(Jan’75)         Anne Boldt(Jan’72)        Jill Jeffrey (Sept’ 74)       Susan McElvey(Jan’77)

Our job is to carry out the functions of the Association and to be fiscally responsible for managing the finances.  Income now comes from interest from investments as there are no longer any membership dues.  We are required to file each year our annual report and financial statement with the BC Societies office:  Beginning April 2018 our annual report will be available electronically upon request by any member.

We are always looking for more help.

Be a volunteer and join us in running our Association. We are in the process of reconfiguring our committees (events, member relations, chapel, etc) and members are needed for every committee. You are welcome to attend our meetings held four times a year. For more Information, contact us by phone or email.

Diane Clements 250-360-1237   or