Pemberton Chapel

Pemberton Memorial Chapel

The Pemberton Memorial Chapel was gifted to the Royal Jubilee Hospital in 1909 by Teresa Jane Despard Pemberton, née Grautoff, as a memorial to her husband Joseph Despard Pemberton, first Surveyor General for Vancouver Island,  “. . . for the benefit of patients of all denominations and their friends.”  Their daughter, Sophie Pemberton decoration of the Chapel interior. n (Mrs. Horace Deane-Drummond), an accomplished painter in her own right, was responsible for the artistic

For nearly eighty years patients and their families enjoyed the Chapel as a quiet refuge from the stresses of their illnesses and treatment.  It was also used for weddings, funerals and weekly services attended by patients, hospital staff and nursing students.  In 1979 the Chapel was designated as a heritage building by the City of Victoria, however it was closed in the early 1980’s and stood unused for nearly twenty years.

We as members of the Alumnae Association RJH School of Nursing, have dedicated ourselves to: raising the funds required to restore the Chapel as a functional multi-faith spiritual sanctuary, adapting the lower level to create an Archive to house the Royal Jubilee Hospital School of Nursing Archives Museum (1891 to 1982), and landscaping the grounds surrounding the Chapel.

The restored Chapel is an easily accessible retreat for patients, staff and visitors and a permanent memorial for the RJH School of Nursing Alumnae.