Phoning Committee

Phoning Committee

To inform Alumnae members of upcoming social events, meetings and any other pertinent information concerning Alumnae.
To act as a liaison with other committees by keeping them informed of changes in our members' status.

The Phoning Committee
The Alumnae Association of the RJH School of Nursing
PO Box 42071
2200 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria, BC V8R 6T4
tel:  250-721-5050


Committee Members
Co-Chair:  Gail Byers          250-721-5050
Co-Chair:  Cathy Doyle       250-384-0995

What We Do

  • Our 40 phoners contact nearly 600 Alumnae members in the Greater Victoria area with information concerning upcoming events involving the Alumnae.
  • We keep names, telephone numbers and email addresses current from information passed to us. In turn, we pass the updated information to the membership committee.
    Changes of address can be passed to us or directly to the membership committee.
  • We provide information to the Sunshine Committee with regard to changes in members' status (i.e. ill or shut-ins, deaths) so members/family can receive cards, calls and/or visits.
  • We provide drivers from our list for those wishing to attend functions but unable to drive themselves.
  • We provide contact persons for Up Island Alumnae. They are situated in the following areas and will have current information:

Vicky Jacques  250-748-0221

Kathy Richardson    250-390-3771

Sharon Rendle    250-335-2465

Campbell River
Linda Ruehlen    250-287-2015

Port Alberni
Margaret Johnson    250-723-0639

Upcoming Events

In order to keep current with upcoming events, please visit the Social Programmes Page on our website.

Please note: If you are not currently on our lists and wish to be notified of events please contact Gail Byers at